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  1. The pros and cons of younger/older relationships
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  4. Is Younger / Older Gay Dating a Thing in the Gay Community Now?

But in addition to the wonderfully rational answer below, here is my 2 cents. Also, make yourself attractive. Appearance is a little bit of it, obviously hook-up culture but I mean as a personality. Make them want you. Oh, be flexible. Your health and the health of your partner is always important. Be honest about your age. I met up with one guy, whose age was not displayed on the profile, and I saw a body photo, but in person he looked different because he had slimmed down and had grown a bit older.

I was turned off then and there. On the flip side, there are a couple of guys on Scruff who are over 60, in good shape, who I would definitely like to try it with! Also, one more thing. Younger guys are more likely to be emotionally vulnerable.

The pros and cons of younger/older relationships

Maybe they have never had a gay friend before. Maybe they are still a virgin. Maybe they have only valued for their sexual ability. Either way, there probably is going to be fear, isolation, desire for validation and affirmation. Be the one to give that validation. Might find a regular hook-up buddy in the process. Younger guys also want to live. What, as a 20 yr old something new on the scene, you would NOT want to happen to yourself.

Do the opposite. And remember that creepy for everyone is different. He stays just a short distance from my home so we often saw each other, and on a few occasions we sat and had a beer together. I never once made a move because I just assumed he was a straight guy just being friendly. He often came around for a swim and that was it. Then one night when I was in the pool enjoying a skinny dip, he showed up and asked if it is okay for him to have a swim as well. I said yes of course he can but asked him if you could get a beer out of the fridge for me, and one for himself if he wanted one.

A few minutes later he was in the pool with me, standing by the side having some beer. - the place for mature gay men and admirers and the GrayGay guide

After a few minutes he swam away, and then swam back to where I was standing, but he was swimming underwater. When he reached me, it was clear that he was trying have a look at my package. He surfaced with a big grin on his face and then had a second look. Long story short, he kept looking; I ended up getting hard; he asked if he can have a feel; I agreed; he stripped; I had a feel of his, and we have been pleasuring each other regularly ever since.

So, in my case, it was the young guy who hooked up with me, the older guy. But wait, what about the younger man? But what about the younger guy? A majority of gay men grew up with either an absent or distant father; whether this is causative is an open question, but it is certainly a common enough characteristic of gay men. Thanks California guy. I will say that for a number of the young guys I have known well, that characteristic does seem to ring true! All have appreciated mentoring in such areas as work life and education, typical parenting roles or tasks that were not met at home.

I would think so. I am a 48 Australian man and have attracted a 31yo newly out super handsome Ukranian man.

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I am shit scared to be honest. We met 2 months ago on an app but he lives interstate.

I like making friendship the first aspect of a new relationship- not just based on sex. So we skype regularly and talk on the phone and text photos no not sexting. I have been madly trying to lose some weight knowing I will have to keep up with this fit spunky guy. I hope I can please him in the sack. Any tips? Thanks, Nick, for reading the post and commenting. Be confident that the way you look today is going to be just the ticket!

Old Gays Look Back At Their Younger Selves

It sounds very romantic and I hope it goes well! Best to you, Jim. I am 69 and over a year ago, I met a young Italian guy permanently living in America. He has a very good job as a butcher, a home of his own and a new truck. We French kissed a lot that night and he wanted me to go home with him. I told him I wanted to get to know him better before engaging in anything overtly sexual. He gave me his phone number and told me where he worked. I went to his work a few days later and he came out and gave me a full body hug.

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I saw him again a week or two later at the same bar. Any advice?

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I would say this: First, I am green with envy! He told you he was attracted to older guys.

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  4. He made out with you, not once but twice. As far as the LTR goes, whoa boy put on the brakes. Take it one date at a time. Enjoy the process — and report back!

    Is Younger / Older Gay Dating a Thing in the Gay Community Now?

    I am happy with him and he seems as well. I am separating from my wife for various reasons and plan to travel with him. My relationship with my wife was good but became unsustainable after her menopause. She refused to have sex after that. I was patient with her to no avail. Now someone loves me and I give myself to his desires. I love it.

    Respect, be respected…let me date boys my age and dont come telling me I should give a chance to older men, my life my choice…live and let other live. I can have friends. The biggest problem for me is health issues.