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Meet, chat with and date like-minded guys now

We need you to verify your email address before using our chat and messaging function. This helps us protect you, and combat fraud and spam. Before you can access our features including messaging and chat you will need to purchase your subscription. We can do this once you sign in.

Don't forget to verify your profile by clicking the link in the email we sent you. This is also required to access messaging and chat. If the problem continues, please contact our support team. Sign in. There are FAR superior sites to this mess! The app for iPhone consistently fails.

Every couple of months I have to jump through hoops to get my password working again. This time it will not reset after five tries - each time it will not accept my reset.

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So I tried entering the wrong password over an hundred times to see what would happen - nothing! No email from them to express any concern,made me realise that a hacker has unlimited attempts to access my account! From market leader to major embarassment. For years they were at the forefront, then someone had the great idea of turning the site into an app. And now, nothing works. You get locked out of your account, messages dont send or send and take weeks to arrive. There's so few users now you can almost hear the tumbleweed blowing through the place.

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  6. The old site was a little tired looking but very busy. The non-functioning app has had to be sanitised to meet the requirements of the Apple store and google play. There's very little on offer for free, and what there is barely works with messages failing to send, being locked out of your account, "winks"arriving weeks after being sent, by which time whomever sent it has long deleted.

    Best Gay Dating Sites » 12222 Reviews

    They also the removed the "last seen" data, probably in an attempt to hide the fact that people just werent logging in any more. The result is that you end up sending messages to long-dead, unused profiles. Hardly an incentive to pay extortionate membership fees.

    Please Note

    Over , downloads it says on the play store. But that includes downloads of the old app that worked quite well alongside the old website. This "one size fits all" app is a joke. Gaydar has gone from being the number one gay hookup site to a third-rate irrelevance since its 'relaunch' a couple of years ago. What basically seems to have happened is that they belatedly realised the future is in mobile apps, so they built a copy of Grindr or Scruff, only with less functionality and five years too late.

    Worse still, they harmonised the desktop site with the mobile one, so that the emasculated and sanitised profiles which Apple and Google insist on in order to allow these apps in their app stores are now reproduced on the web version. It's a very pale shadow of its former self and is almost certainly destined to die now. They don't even seem to be able to attract advertising revenue: As of 18th October the 'Message page' has undergone 'maintenance'.

    Top 5 Best Gay Dating Apps 2018 [Most Popular Gay Hookup Apps]

    Today 19th I now can't send messages but can read messages received. Ongoing problems since I joined on 8th September include: Unable to view 'Winks' that I have sent, 'Chat' notifications not showing on home page, all message history from 8th - 23rd September has vanished. Ongoing issues too with 'Messages' not loading.

    No replies from Gaydar support when I raise queries. Gaydar is unrecognisable now from the great, fun, easy to use and popular site it once was. Looks like nobody cares enough to bring it back either. What a pity. I have just joined gaydar and even decided to pay for VIP status. I have had difficulties from day 1 with the app which has kept shutting down. I can't get into messages on there. Gaydar told me to use the desktop version.

    Now I'm using the desktop version I still can't use messages. This is simply not good. I have already reviewed Gaydar 7 days ago. SInce then this has been my experience. I had paid for a VIP membership. I decided to get some legal advise. I'm not sure who they think they are I advised Gaydar that I had seeked advise from a lawyer friend of mine.

    Not once did they take any responsibility or acknowledgement regarding any fault with their website. I am totally appalled by the way they handled the whole situation. Total waste of time Not renewing my membership.

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    7. A total waste of time!! The 'new and revised"website is terrible and certainly not worth paying for! A 7 year old could have created better, with functions that actually work!!!

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